Chinese Classified Ads In the United States

A significant number of Chinese classified ads are simply hand-made posters attached to any object where the advertiser believes there will be heavy traffic.  Although there are traditional mediums such as newspapers and magazines, these mediums cost money for the advertiser.  In fact, some plazas and public areas have erected notice boards to accommodate this phenomenon and hopefully reduce the negative aesthetic effects.  Oftentimes, these accommodations are ineffective at eliminating these forms of Chinese classified ads.

Throughout thoroughfares of suburban Chinese American communities, or plazas with predominantly Chinese American businesses, the blight of hand-made posters covering every square inch of eye-level surface area is a common sight.  The prevalence of the hand-made posters is evidence of the lack of affordable channels for members of the community to make announcements.  Alternatively, it could simply mean a lack of general awareness of available channels of mass communication.  Whatever the reason, the Chinese-writing (and reading) community in America still finds it necessary to post actual paper on light posts, street signs, US Postal Service Drop Boxes, and newspaper stands as the preferred form of peer-to-peer mass communication.  As primitive and unsightly as this method is, the poster or advertiser may very well have no other option.

Hand-made ads on a large tree in the middle of a parking lot in a Chinese Plaza.

Hand-made and printed posters on light pole across from Chinese plaza.

Hand-made ads and printed posters in a plaza's parking lot.

Hand-made sign on USPS Drop Box near Chinese strip mall.

Hand-made ads taking over a newspaper stand next to small Chinese supermarket.

Tree next to Chinese supermarket.