Online Jobs-Postings Grow In China

Kevin Harlin of Investor's Business Daily reports that 51Job, a Shanghai based company, has seen demand for its online jobs-postings increase as China's economy continues to grow. In his article Online Help Wanted Ads Gaining Traction In Fast Growing China, Harlin writes that 51Job, which distributes it's paper edition as free inserts in local newspapers, had approximately 143,451 employers buy online ads last year, "up from just over 94,000 two years earlier.  Those online ads now account for 40.8% of total revenue, up from 33.5% two years earlier."  

Harlin reports that 51Job uses its paper edition, 51Job Weekly, distributed in 19 Chinese Cities, to complement and drive traffic to its online jobs-posting site, which is reportedly the most visited jobs-posting site in China according to Independent Web Tracking firms.  According to Chinese consumer research firm iResearch, online job-search traffic in China increased by 46% in the fourth quarter from a year earlier and it predicts the online industry will grow 23% in 2010.

Harlin also found that surveys revealed managers are struggling to fill all their white-collar office and technology jobs despite rising wages and other factors.