Advertising to Chinese Americans

Attracting the targeted Chinese consumer can be difficult. The mediums of newspaper, television, radio and internet appear to attract different groups. Chinese language newspapers tend to be read by those with time to spare. Chinese language television tends to bring different income and educational levels depending on whether the station is aired on broadcast or cable. Chinese language radio listeners tend to be commuters or stay-at-home individuals. Finally, Chinese language websites in the United States tend to be portals, forums with user-generated content, and contain common immigrant-related information.

When using traditional mediums, the common areas for placement of advertisements persist, e.g. newspaper classifieds, half-page to full page ads, 15 to 30 second television and radio commercial slots.  Access to most of these advertising are dominated by sophisticated marketing professionals with corporate budgets.  This begs the question of where do individuals and small to medium size businesses go to find affordable advertising channels.